Robin Fruchter Artist, Printmaker


Linocuts - Linocuts are created by cutting or gouging out linoleum with the use of special carving tools to produce an image or texture. Ink is then applied with a roller over the image. The linoleum is placed in a press with dampened paper on top, then it is run through the printing press; this is a relief image.

Solar Etching - An image or drawing is created; these images are then copied (Xeroxed) onto mylar. The mylar is then placed on top of a plate that is coated with a polymer and exposed under ultra violet light. After exposure the plate is scrubbed under water to create etched indentations. The plate is then again exposed to ultra violet light to harden its entire surface. The plate is inked by applying the ink into the grooves by hand rubbing using a tarlatan. The plate is placed on the printing press, dampened paper on top and run through the press.

Collagraph - A collagraph is a print that is made from a collage of various materials that are glued together on cardboard, metal or a hardboard plate. Texture can also be created by gouging or cutting into the board. It is then inked as either an intaglio or relief then run through the printing press with dampened paper on top.