Robin Fruchter Artist, Printmaker


Everyday objects inspire me whether it is a teapot, cup and saucer, or the cozy chair in my living room. Some of my prints are a reflection of wonderful family vacations spent in St. John; my love of the sand, sea, and sun.

Although my work includes different genres of printmaking; linocuts are probably my first love. I enjoy the physical aspect of creating linocuts by cutting and gauging out the surface to produce line and texture. The areas left create the image. After inking the surface and running the linoleum through the press there is always an element of surprise when the relief image is exposed. There is something very beautiful and simplistic working in only black and white. Creating a print, especially a linocut is about exploring shapes, lines and shadows.

My most recent work combines two printmaking techniques. To add another texture and interest I have started cutting out my linocuts and printing them over collagraphs. A collagraph is made from a collage of various materials that are glued together on cardboard, metal or hardboard plate. By cutting out my linocut images they are not so “precious” to me anymore allowing me the freedom for more experimentation.

Printmaking to me is a way of constantly challenging myself. Each technique whether a linoleum cut, collagraph or solar etching is a joy for me to create. With each printmaking process I am always learning something new; the possibilities are endless.